Welcome to the Irreverent Insider website!

What we’re about:

As our tagline states, this site is primarily focused on the topics of Food, Wine, and Travel – topics about which we feel deep and abiding passions! Accordingly, our essays, reviews, recipes, and other posts will typically highlight one or more of those themes. Be advised, however: self-discipline is not a strength of ours, and it’s possible that other topics may occasionally sneak into the mix.

In any case, we hope to present information on these topics that you’ll find informative, occasionally provocative, and always entertaining.


Why “Irreverent Insider”?

We came up with the term while writing a guide to our home town, Portland, Oregon. Even as the city gained popularity and fame (we’re looking at you, New York Times!), we were frustrated by the mainstream media’s lockstep adherence to the same tired stereotypes about the city. We kept seeing recommendations for places that were over-hyped, and we knew there were lots of overlooked but superior alternatives. So we wrote a short guide that calls out the clichés (ergo, “irreverent”) and directs the reader to other attractions we feel deserve more attention (ergo, “insider”).

irreverent insider portland guide
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Where do we go from here?

We now live in the San Francisco Bay Area, literally minutes from some of the finest restaurants, purveyors, and wine makers in the world – not to mention the sightseeing opportunities. As time and budget allow, we’re working our way through as many of them as we can manage. And of course we’ll be sharing our experiences and impressions (good and bad) with you on this site. We’ve managed to pick up a few irreverent insider tips for this area, too!

Food, wine, travel… repeat as necessary. Words to live by.

So again – welcome. Enjoy the site, and feel free to contact us if you have comments or suggestions.