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26 February, 2017 / Food

Indian desserts are not appealing to me, but it’s fascinating to watch them being made. This man is making jalebi, a deep-fried snack made from chickpea flour and colored with…

21 February, 2017 / Cocktails
17 July, 2016 / Food

Never let it be said that we don’t follow our own advice. On Sunday afternoon, finding ourselves alone in the house – not a kid in sight – we decided to…

17 July, 2016 / Travel

Our van roared north along the mostly-empty G3 highway. When the vehicle slowed to pass through the occasional small town, we saw harvested corn being threshed by the roadside. Everywhere we looked,…

15 July, 2016 / Food

Sparkling wine has become our default dinner beverage. We love its affinity for many of the foods we eat, plus it just invariably adds a welcome bit of festivity to…

14 July, 2016 / Travel

There’s never a bad time to visit Argentina. The peso can reliably be expected to tank, so even with crippling inflation for residents, the country is usually a relative bargain for dollar-toting tourists.

2 July, 2016 / Wine
20 June, 2016 / Food
14 June, 2016 / Wine
11 June, 2016 / Humor

Conduct even the most cursory research into Sri Lanka as a travel destination and you’ll quickly be presented with the story of the island’s former name. Arab and Persian sailors called the teardrop-shaped tropical island “Serendib”, which forms the basis for the English word “serendipity”. In many ways, the country is indeed a pleasant, unexpected surprise.