I approach the subject of wine with mixed emotions: I honestly think it’s a beverage that can add interest and palatability to our meals… But it’s weighed down with so much pomp and posturing that I sometimes wonder if it’s worth the trouble. At the end of the day though (literally) I find my enjoyment of wine outweighs its occasionally fussy connotations.

I’ve been writing a book on this topic. My thesis is that wine doesn’t need or deserve to be shrouded in mystery – rather, it should be embraced with casual enthusiasm as a way to add interest to our meals. Indeed, the subtitle of the book is “Celebrating the Uncomplicated Enjoyment of Wine and Food”.

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To quote from the book’s Afterword:

Celebration is among the most joyous of human experiences, and in this context it’s intended to include everything from life’s most important moments to its most mundane. We naturally celebrate the big things: births, anniversaries, marriage… but I will argue that there’s also a place at the week night dinner table for a small measure of celebration.

Uncomplicated enjoyment is exactly that: the simple pleasure we take in the company of family and friends, of sharing a meal, and from a glass of wine at the end of the day. Our lives are already complex enough; let our pleasures be simple.

Wine and food are inseparable companions. Each complements and elevates the other – not necessarily with the goal of achieving something sublime, but often simply in the pursuit of wholesome sustenance. On rare occasions, we may get lucky and glimpse greatness in the food and drink we consume, and those are indeed times to be treasured. But on even the most unremarkable of days, a glass of wine can round out a meal, making it a bit easier to relax, slow down, and savor the moment…

…If you’re willing to let it, I believe that wine can be a small, positive factor for the introduction of harmony and balance into your life. And that’s why – indeed, it’s the only reason why – it matters.

These days, we need all the help we can get. Wine helps.